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NBCS Performs in Georgia Boy Choir Festival

According to music director Donald Morris, "The boys did a great job handling all the rehearsals and other preparations for the International Festival Concert Friday night! What an awe inspiring event it was - close to 200 boys & men singing some challenging but beautiful music on the stage of Atlanta's Symphony Hall.

They made friends with singers from Tampa FL Boys Choir. Also they had no problem with their interactions with kids from other choirs ... language didn't seem to be a problem!"

About the Event

The Georgia Boy Choir International Festival was the first-of-its-kind event on Friday, April 14 at the Atlanta Symphony Hall. The night featured 7 choirs with choristers ages 6-18 from the U.S. and Europe sharing the stage with the Georgia Boy Choir.

“In their years of international travel, the Georgia Boy Choir has collaborated with some of the world’s top choirs of men and boys,” said Steven Colker, the Georgia Boy Choir director of operations. “Now, using the time-honored festival tradition, they are bringing those European choirs to Atlanta for a new era of boy-choir performances.”

Participating choirs included The Nidarosdomens Guttekor of Norway; Münchner Knabenchor of Germany; Augsburger Domsingknaben of Germany; Maryland State Boychoir; Florida Boy Choir and the Newark Boys Chorus, USA.


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