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FORBES Publicizes The NBCS Success Story - needs support to remain open

The Newark Boys Chorus School: Transforming Young Men Through Music


I am a cable TV contributor, radio host, and millennial messaging expert who focuses on humanizing policy issues across the intersections of race, class, and gender.

Just two miles from Newark, New Jersey's City Hall stands a building that houses Newark's Musical Ambassadors. While unelected and too young to vote in an election, this group of choral singers has brought the charm of Newark to more than six continents, Hawaii and a majority of states in the continental United States.

Since 1969, the Newark Boys Chorus and the Newark Boys Chorus School (NBCS) have occupied the intersection of music, primary education and the arts for a city that has benefited profoundly from their united voices.

"For our son and family, Newark Boys Chorus School was an oasis," said Mary Bentley LaMar, a NBCS parent and founder/executive director of the Sickle Cell Association of New Jersey. "High academic standards and a legacy rich in Newark's history and its jazz roots."

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