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September 2017. The upcoming school year promises a major milestone for the 48 year old Newark Boys Chorus School! By seeking reaccreditation by the Middle States Association of Schools and an initial accreditation by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools, NBCS will be recognized as a premier independent school in New Jersey by two nationally recognized accrediting organizations.

“Both organizations support the very best in public and independent schools. Their review processes are exhaustive and complete,” commented Richard Willett, Head of School. “The process examines every part of a school from the facilities to health services and from finances to governance but always with a focus on and the school’s Mission, educational program and the community it serves,” continued Willett.

The Newark Boys Chorus School has been an active member of the Middle States Association for many years and has participated in several self-studies, peer reviews and accreditations. The Middle States Association serves public, private and charter schools throughout the eastern United States. The New Jersey Association of Independent Schools supports independent schools in New Jersey and provides these schools with a focused level of support that is tailored to meet their needs within the state of New Jersey.

Although different in scope, both processes are based on a set of standards that demand a high level of quality in the educational programs at the individual school. The work for re/accreditation begins with a year-long self-study involving all of the stakeholders at the school especially the board of trustees, school administration, teachers, parents and community members. Committees are established in a number of areas including:



School and Community




School Finance


School Facilities/Safety/Equipment/Services

During the course of the upcoming school year you may be asked to lend a hand as we complete the self-study. There will be parent and community surveys (via SurveyMonkey), telephonic committee meetings and regular updates on our website.

Please check the new section on our website, Newark Boys Chorus School Accreditation 2018 for additional information, further details and updates.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Steering Committee Chair and School Head, Richard Willett. (973-621-8900 or

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