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Richard Thigpen, Senior VP, PSEG Visits


May 2019. Richard Thigpen, Senior Vice President -- Corporate Citizenship at PSE&G spent an afternoon at NBCS discussing leadership, mentoring, citizenship, and the impact of being a minority male in the professional workplace. “This is the second year that we have held a roundtable discussion centered around men of color in the professional workforce and we are very grateful to Mr. Thigpen for coming to the school to speak with the boys about his career path and notably high executive position at PSE&G. How can a young man aspire to be something that he doesn’t know exists? It is important for boys of color to see positive reflections of themselves,” stated Ulysses Morris, Academic Director.“

Luis Rodriguez, Class of 2019

“Hearing all that Mr. Thigpen has done in his career was exciting and now I am going to push for more success in my future. I was impressed to hear everything that Mr. Thigpen has done, from college, starting and finishing law school, working in politics, being a lawyer and heading one of the highest positions in public service. Boy was that glass ceiling broken and I know that he will continue to break more.”

Juan Oquendo, Class of 2019

“Mr. Thigpen engaged a lot of us and opened our minds to follow a pathway to success and taught us to ignore the negative people that may get in our ways as we climb the ladder of success. He taught me a really good lesson, “No one predicts the future, and you’ll never know what you may be in the future.” That was important for me since I have many interests.”

“Say Something that you want to be but be 20 times better than that,” stated Rick Thigpen, as he discussed possible career pathways.

Jaylen Dixon, Class of 2019

“Being able to meet a role model like Mr. Thigpen is important to me because I didn’t have many positive male figures around. Mr. Thigpen has inspired me to want to follow my dreams and be the best person that I can be”

“Thank you, Mr. Thigpen,” your friends at NBCS

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