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November 8, 2018. The Annual Financial Leaders Breakfast convened this morning at the Robert Treat Hotel in downtown Newark. Over 100 CFOs, bankers, investment houses, accounting firms and other financial leaders enjoyed breakfast and a chance to network with their financial colleagues from the Greater Newark Area. Mandeep Trivedi, Principal, Citrin Cooperman introduced the program remarking about the significance of the gathering for financial professionals and their support of the Newark Boys Chorus School.

Celebrating the 30+ year career of David Huber, CFO, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey as a financial leader both at Arthur Anderson and Horizon the audience acknowledged Dave’s many accomplishments both as a financial executive and volunteer serving as a board member and civil servant. Dave’s remarks focused on his father’s commitment to education and how important that decision has been for Dave, his children and the significant investment everyone at the breakfast has made to ensure the success of the young men who attend NBCS.

Linda Bowden, Regional President of PNC Bank impressed the audience with her knowledge of Newark trivia including the background of Robert Treat and the origins of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in Newark! She shared with everyone the significant and comprehensive strategic and tactical roles PNC Bank plays and will continue to play in Newark’s Renaissance.

Finally, just before the chorus serenaded the audience Mark Vasco, Vice President and General Counsel of Cormetech, Inc. and a member of the NBC Class of 1982 spoke passionately about the life-changing experience the Newark Boys Chorus School made in his life. “The school changed my life from one of self-destruction and peril to one of purpose, direction and a productive future,” concluded Vasco.

Kathy Swain, VP Internal Audit at Horizon closed the meeting with a promise to organize an informal gathering of the group in the spring to continue networking.

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