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Atlanta Boychoir Festival—2019

February 16, 2019. The Newark Boys Chorus Allegro select group participated in the 10th Annual Georgia Boy Choir Festival on February 15 & 16. Our group under the direction of Donald Morris left the school Thursday for a late morning flight to Atlanta. After a late rehearsal the boys settled in with their host families for the two night stay. The Festival drew more than 250 young men from across the United States for a day and a half of music making, allowing them the opportunity to strengthen their skills, celebrate their art, and deepen their sense of community.

The grand finale featured all five choirs of the Georgia Boy Choir, along with the Boy Choirs from around the country. The evening concluded with selections featuring the combined choirs and all festival participants conducted by Artistic Director and Conductor, David R. White and Associate Conductor, Scott Atchison.

“Audience members couldn't help stopping me to express how much they enjoyed the boys,” commented Mr. Morris. Their words:

I was in tears listening to them sing, especially the 1st and last songs of their set (I Believe & I Dream a World.

I've heard them every year, and my, this group is just awesome, -the best!

We love these boys!!!! They are amazing. Great job today!

“It was a great experience for all of us,” concluded Morris.

From the host parents of Adan, Michael, Zion, Jose, and Helkin:"We love these boys!!!! They are amazing. Great job today! "

Our hosts took the boys to the Georgia Aquarium Sunday morning... meeting us at the airport later

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