Triennial Tour Locations

For the inaugural world tour in 1973, our students traveled to Rome with Leonard Bernstein to perform for Pope Paul VI. Over the years, the chorus has traveled to more than 17 countries across five continents.

Australia - Canada - Cayman Islands - China - Jamaica - England - Finland - France - Italy - Czech Republic - Japan - Latvia - New Zealand - Russia - Slovakia - South Africa- Wales

Student Experiences

Visiting Russia meant so much to me. It gave me something to take pride in. It put a joy in me that no one can take. At age 12, I learned to speak Russian and I worked extra hard to learn my music. I felt like I was going to take on a new world. The experience I had will travel with me all the days of my life and I would be honored if my under classmates got to feel what I felt.
Rahman Marshall, Class of 2002

Our chorus' tour was to Rome, Italy with the famed conductor, Leonard Bernstein to sing for Pope Paul VI. As I recount the experience, it seems even more amazing than when it happened. It was not only my first trip on a plane, but also my first time traveling more than thirty miles away from my neighborhood. The trip exposed me to a new world of experiences that were available to me, and no doubt encouraged me to pursue and accomplish them.
Bryan Blaney, Class of 1978

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