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King’s Singers visit Newark Boys Chorus School

The Newark Boys Chorus School (NBCS) was humming with activity on President’s Day (2/20/2023), a holiday for most, as the school hosted The King’s Singers on the last stop of their North American Tour.

One of the world's most celebrated ensembles, The King’s Singers pack a schedule of concerts, recordings, media and education work that spans the globe. Their workshop was invaluable artistically, educationally and culturally to Newark Boys Chorus members ranging from 3rd to 8th grade. NBCS is a unique program with prestige in its own right, known as Newark’s finest musical ambassadors and “one of a kind in the US and even abroad” noted King’s Singers members Christopher Bruerton and Jonathan Howard after a deeply informative Q&A exchange about NBCS.

The discussion was lively and informative in preparation for the ensembles to meet, learn from one another, workshop and sing in “harmony” together – “Love Has Broken Down the Wall”, by Mark A. Miller. And that is when the magic and smiles happened. Parents and supporters were invited to attend at the end of the day for a joint performance of both ensembles.

NBCS is celebrated for its 5 decades of legacy, having strived and succeeded to provide students in an urban at-risk community with tuition-free STEAM education. The School is renowned for its: High Academic Standards, Musical Excellence, Civic/ Social Justice Leadership, and Character Development.

King’s Singers are named after King's College in Cambridge, England, where the group was formed in 1968 by six choral scholars. Because they champion the work of young and established composers, they remain consummate entertainers. They are a class-act with a delightfully British wit. From Gesualdo and Gyorgy Ligeti to Michael Buble, the ensemble is instantly recognizable for their spot-on intonation, their impeccable vocal blend, the flawless articulation of the text and incisive timing. King’s were amazed at how gifted, poised and trained NBCS’ young voices were, covering classics of Bach and modern pieces in their repertoire.

A note of interest – While on the 2007 International Tour to England & Wales, members of the Newark Boys Chorus School visited King’s College in Cambridge.


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