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Donate to Piano Fundraiser

Every dollar counts and no donation is too small!

Help the Newark Boys Chorus School reach its goal.

Our Goal - $7,500

Nearly every choral rehearsal and performance has three components, great singers, an attentive conductor, and an outstanding piano. The Newark Boys Chorus School (NBCS) has provided outstanding musical and academic training to inner city, at-risk middle school boys for over 50 years. At the heart of the school is a world-renowned choral program that’s been vital in the cultural growth of Newark and the US.

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Students at the school pay no tuition toward the $20,000 annual cost of their education. The great work of the NBCS continues because the community and donors like you recognize the value of supporting these outstanding students as they grow into young men of strong character.


Every year the school spends thousands of dollars to keep its pianos in tune and in good repair. Additionally, NBCS is always on the hunt for ‘a great buy’ while searching for new or gently used instruments to add to its collection.


Please help the Newark Boys Chorus School reach its goal of $7,500 for this effort to underwrite current maintenance needs and to set aside seed money for our next piano purchase. 

Every dollar counts and no donation is too small!

donate to Piano Fundraiser
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we sincerely thank you for your support!

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