NBCS is Back in Full Swing A Look Ahead

I have thought many times about how we may look back on our lives and the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  We’ve been surprised by the depth of disruption and the unexpected hurdles that have been put before us.  But I have been heartened by the innovation and resilience of our NBCS organization.

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Students are back for in-person instruction and we are thrilled!  Our building on Broad Street is filled with singing, laughter, and intense learning.  The boys are hard at work, diving deep into their studies and rehearsals.  The mood at school is a combination of relief and focus, and as one student remarked, “It’s good to be back with my brothers.”


While the pandemic continues to shape our daily protocols, students and teachers are finding a new sense of normal.  Instruction is rolling as teachers develop new programming.  We have found new uses for technology, online materials that enrich live instruction, and we continue to build experiences that honor this community’s rich history.


Our Holiday Concert Season will be shorter due to COVID-19 realities, but performances are being planned for a number of occasions.  We are looking toward the Spring for a growth in concerts and performance availability.  Please stay connected to our website for information and opportunities to see our students perform.


NBCS continues to expand its footprint with outstanding support from our corporate donors including The Horizon Foundation for NJ, BNY Mellon Bank Foundation, PSE&G, and many others.  Individual donors continue to recognize the impact of our school on Newark’s young men and the surrounding community.  And we are so fortunate to be able to serve these students tuition-free!


Travel remains an essential part of the NBCS experience as we explore possibilities for touring in Spring ’22.  The health and safety of our students will be foremost in our minds as we make these plans.


There are many hardships needing acknowledgement from the past 18 months, but NBCS remains focused on the bright light that is our students.  We have grown in many unexpected ways and worked through remarkable obstacles.  It’s been the dedication of our teachers, administration, families, and students that has defined our achievements.  We have much to accomplish in the coming months and many, many people cheering for our success.  I encourage all of our constituents to stay connected, continue your support, and keep an eye on our progress.  Because…

NBCS is Back!