A Message From Our Admissions Director

Brenda McLeod in admissions office with parent and student applicant

Thank you for your interest in Newark Boys Chorus School (NBCS). Founded in 1969, NBCS is a fully accredited independent school for young men grades 4-8.


The NBCS mission is: to develop our students into successful young men of sound character through rigorous academic and musical training.

We seek young men with the ability to be molded into leaders of tomorrow. Academic prowess is a fundamental criterion for admission to our institution. Each student's potential is fostered through a challenging academic program, personal development and artistic nurturing.

The NBCS program co-joins both academic and music education. It focuses on discipline, respect for self and others, character building, music and academic progress. This focus follows them into the classroom and as they travel and experience the world as members of the NBCS Concert Chorus.

NBCS students benefit immensely from an experienced and dedicated staff of professional educators, musicians and continued support from sponsors. We readily assure all applicants chosen to be a member of our institution that they will undergo an experience unlikely to be paralleled by any other.