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Committee Visit

May 7-10, 2018. Starting with introductions the Visiting Committee viewed our signature video, “Think of Me,” toured the school under the guidance of Gavin Rembert and Chris Reyes and listened to a special performance by our Concert Chorus. This began a three day intensive review of every aspect of our school its programs, its people and its Mission.

Throughout the process every teacher was observed by members of the committee, all of academic and music courses were discussed and dissected; school documents viewed to make certain they were complete and up-to-date; analysis of school systems showed their relevance and congruence to the Mission.

Each school constituency, including parents, board members, teachers, administrators, and students met with the Visiting Committee to share views of the school from their perspective. A particularly interesting meeting was held with the committee and the 8th Grade students. When asked to describe the school in one word, (or more) the responses ranged:

“Outstanding, incredible, impossible,” (to describe in one word); “memorable, adventurous, community, comfortable,” and a place where one’s individual “voice” is recognized, appreciated and valued.

On Thursday afternoon the Visiting Committee and, Chair Dr. Lewis, presented a summary of their findings, which will become part of a larger report sent to the Accreditation Committee at the Association.

A few comments by the committee are excerpted here. The final report will become a PDF attachment and appended to our website later this summer:

"As the Visiting Team to the Newark Boys Chorus School, we have been honored and gratified to have been exposed to a world of engaged, brilliant, and passionate young people—led by instructors and administrative leaders of extraordinary talent and commitment. As the voices of students have reached out to us, we have been granted a glimpse of a joyous, celebratory, and exciting school environment.

Students: You are the mighty and powerful “music ambassadors of Newark” and you are the purveyors of wisdom and intellect.

NBCS is strong and healthy as are the students enrolled and the students who have graduated. NBCS is a vibrant and engaging place to be—hugs are welcomed and administered judiciously and thoughtfully—and it has been an honor and a privilege, and a treat to be part of your community over the past days.

Students feel safe and nurtured and supported at NBCS.

We are committed through our report to help guide you through your future years as an institution devoted to academics, musical training and performance and building men of strong and enduring character."

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Lewis, Ph.D.

Chair of Visiting Committee

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