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NBCS Launches Instagram Handle

NBCS to launch Instagram handle - Wednesday, April 15, at 12pm EST

Hello Friends,

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy. In the midst of all that’s happening around us, I am very excited to share a project I’ve been working on for the last few months with an incredibly talented young man named Salim Green. Hopefully it will lift your spirits a bit.



On Wednesday, April 15, at 12pm EST NBCS will be launching its Instagram handle:


Over the next few months the school will use the platform to roll out photos, videos, and provide updates from the school, creating a hub for all things NBCS.

To give you an early preview of the type of content you’ll see on the handle, Salim has put together a booklet of photos taken over the last few months. He says, “This is what it’s like to be around the school any given day.” See the link below!!

NBCS Instagram Preview


With the launch on the horizon I’m reaching out to ask for your help. If you are willing and interested, I’d love for you to support the launch of @newarkboyschorusschool and help make it feel like a special moment for the school and it’s community. Here are a few easy ways to help:

1. Follow @newarkboyschorusschool + share/like/comment on the content!

2. Spread the Word

- The more people who know about the school, the higher the chance we will be able to reach our fundraising goals and continue to serve this community

3. Donate

- If you are able, any donations will immediately benefit the school. Here’s a link to the school’s website:

- Fundraising will directly impact operational costs for the upcoming school year and benefit students immediately

The school’s first post will go live Wednesday April 15, at Noon.

Help us make it a moment!

If you like what you see, share it!

NBCS Instagram Launch!

Scheduled: Apr 15, 2020 at 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

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