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NBCS Students Begin Remote Learning

Newark Boys Chorus School Building will be closed until January 31st

Remote classes will be held for students

See schedule below

This has been a difficult week for news about the COVID pandemic. Our community has been hit hard and schools throughout the country are making plans for the coming weeks. In response to the realities we face, and with guidance from the Newark Health Commission, NBCS staff and students will return from Winter Break with changes to the instructional model and schedule. Please find this information below.

-Jan. 3rd - School is Closed for Winter Break (as planned)

-Jan. 4th thru Jan. 6th – Remote Professional Days for all staff (Students remain on Winter Break)

-Jan. 6th - Mandatory Parent/Student meeting (6:30pm Z00M) to discuss expectations and schedule for REMOTE instruction

-Jan. 7th - Teacher/Student check in to establish schedule, program, and connections for REMOTE instruction

-Jan. 10th - Jan. 28th - REMOTE instruction for all subject areas

-Jan. 31st - Return to IN-PERSON instruction at NBCS

The NBCS Administration will continue to monitor our community’s vulnerability as we move past the current wave of COVID and respond accordingly with clear and timely information. The Staff and Administration of our school is working hard to ensure high quality instruction for every student and we’re mindful of the stress placed upon families during remote instruction. We will be available to discuss concerns and work through accommodations as we navigate the next few weeks together.

Please reach out with questions as we work together.

Paul Chapin, Head of School

(609) 529-0888

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