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46 Years of Brotherhood. NBCS for life!!

From the desk of Paul Chapin, NBCS Head of School – March 2022

I was honored to meet Alex Niles NBCS ’80 this week when he stopped by to visit the school. Alex introduced himself and apologized for not visiting sooner; he meant to come 30 years ago. We chatted for a few minutes, enjoyed a portion of Concert Chorus rehearsal, and sat together as I listened to stories of his four years at NBCS (1976-1980) and the ‘Brothers’ he grew to trust. Alex could not stay long. He was heading off to meet family in the Bronx. The next day he enjoyed a lunch date with his closest Brothers and promised he would meet up with the NBCS Concert Chorus in June during the upcoming 2022 Hawaii and Los Angeles Tour. Please find two pics below and notice the faces young and younger!

May 1980 - Alex Niles, Sean Sirmans, Khalil Rashidi, and Brian Johnson.

NBCS '80 classmates preparing to graduate from NBCS and enter high school.

March 2022-Brian Johnson ‘80, Aaron Williams '79, Alex Niles ‘80, and Khalil Rashidi ’80.

NBCS Brothers For Life!

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