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2022 Triennial Tour

June 3 - We arrived safely in Honolulu after two loooong flights. Everyone's excited and looking forward to warm weather, fun activities, new cultural experiences and some great moments performing ...impromptu singing @ Hard Rock Cafe last night!

The Bowtie Gazette

Traveler’s Edition – June 7

This morning was filled with both excitement and sadness. I was so sad when I had to say goodbye to my grandmother but she kept reassuring me that she’d be fine without me and I’d see her again very soon. I was so excited to see my friends dressed in our blue NBCS tracksuits, ready to carry on NBCS’s legacy of the Triennial Tour.

This year we’re headed to Hawaii and Los Angeles. This trip marks the first of many in my life— the first time I traveled on a plane, the first time I left the North East, and the first time that I am staying overnight with my classmates.

After finally departing the school and headed on the coach bus to the airport, what once upon a time seemed like a fairytale, was more becoming a reality! Until we encountered the first glitch in the plan, security checkpoint! There must of been hundreds, maybe thousands, no close to a million of early travelers waiting to pass through a single file checkpoint in order to enter into the airport gates. It was amazing seeing my first airplane up close and my seeing my teacher show us the plane that we’d be traveling on. As we boarded the plane, it seemed as if the inside of the plane continued for miles and miles. I was so happy to see my first ever takeoff, even though the plane was 2 hours delayed.

I got a chance to see the flight attendants complete the on board demonstration and it was exactly like the movies and I felt turbulence for the first time and it was even scarier than I could of imagined.

The layover in San Francisco was a great opportunity for us to stretch our legs. Sitting on a plane for 8 hours made me forget I even had feet.

Flying above the clouds is an experience that I could have never imagined and I am so grateful to you for providing this opportunity for me to travel with my NBCS brothers.

In our next news report, NP, 8th will talk about our arrival and the first three days. Signing off J.P. 6th grade

June 8

A (challenging) hike up Diamond Head.

Well, no notes needed here as the boys enjoy the beach in Waikiki.

Member of the historic Kawaiwai'o Church giving us a tremendously informative talk on the history and significance of the church.

Performing at Pearl Harbor

Stretching, exercising, -being led by our guide, Lori.

Dinner at Tanaka of Tokyo

Enjoying a tour of the island's eastern shores.

Dinner & Luau, Saturday evening.

Pictures below are at the Polynesia Cultural Center... full day experiencing aspects of six island cultures... culminating in a spectacular show late in the evening.

“Mr Kool” ...enjoying the beautiful vista

The Newark Boys Chorus at The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation & Institute (

June 9

Yesterday, June 8, chorus visited and performed at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library... including a walk-through Air Force 1.

June 11 - Well, good afternoon- all's well, we've been up and down the Californian coast.... yesterday & today in Carpinteria and Santa Barbara.

Just left the Aquarium (interactive) on the Santa Barbara Pier... now heading back to LA.

With our wonderful hosts/guides from the Cate School NBCS alum is Director of outreach and recruitment at the school.

Yesterday, in the am, we visited the Mission was founded in 1786 & is one of the city's most picturesque landmarks.

Heading to dinner now after a stop on Hollywood Boulevard... picture at iconic Chinese Theatre.

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