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2020 NBCS Annual Appeal

As I write to you this morning, I am basking in the glow of our 2020 NBCS Virtual Rainbow Gala 2.0 which aired last night.  Our choruses sang with excitement and passion, students spoke with eloquence, the accomplishments of Honorees were highlighted, and our many supporters enjoyed the real-life impact they have made on students’ lives.  I am so thankful for the outpouring of care from individuals and organizations who recognize the importance of the Newark Boys Chorus School and our work in this community.

Newark Boys Chorus School is a place like none other.  Students pay no tuition to attend NBCS, the only urban-based, independent boys chorus school in America as we provide powerful experiences through which our young men grow in knowledge, musicianship, and character.  NBCS stands firm upon its mission to develop civic responsibility, and to inspire a love for learning, a quest for excellence, and compassion for humanity.  We truly are Newark’s National Treasure!

This is, however, a difficult time for our school and community as we grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and the havoc it continues to cause.  All instruction remains remote, ‘live’ concerts have been cancelled, travel and touring an essential component of the NBCS experience is on hold, in-person choral singing in not safe, and fundraising has hit critical levels.

In a typical year, special events, individual donations, and foundation grants cover the costs of running our school.  But this year is not typical.  The reality is that NBCS needs your help now more than ever if we are to continue delivering innovative programming and education to these young men.  We have survived these past 9 months with cuts to program but we strive to grow and increase our presence with a focus on equity and social justice.

NBCS continues to lead our community and society toward better days ahead but we cannot allow these times to slip past without your energy.  We must maximize the impact this school has on issues of equity by providing powerfully positive pathways for our students to achieve.  We need your care, your financial support, and your willingness to spread the word of Newark Boys Chorus School and how our students are changing the world.  It is that important!

An exciting new chapter is coming as NBCS prepares to move to our new home within the historic State Street School.   Celebrating Newark’s rich tradition of education for African American community and new partnerships with a number of community organizations are at the heart of this relocation.  Please look for future announcements and ways in which you can connect to this exciting move and support the necessary fundraising.

Please consider making a donation to NBCS for this Annual Appeal.  Your gift matters and will allow our school to remain afloat.  Funding from this appeal will be used for programs, equipment, and future travel when, once again we bring our message of strength and remarkable music to people throughout the US and beyond.  

Thank you for your continued care and ongoing support.  My best to you and your families for good health and peace.

Paul Chapin, Head of School