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NBCS Teachers Prepare Halloween Activities

As Halloween approaches, NBCS teachers have been busy coming up with ways to celebrate virtually with their students. On Friday, 10/30, we will be engaging in fun Halloween activities through our Google Meet classes. Students are permitted to wear a costume from 8:10- 1:00. The beginning part of the day will include academic classes--ELA, Science, and Math followed by Phys Ed. After that, all students will be participating in a STEAM/engineering challenge.

During lunch time, students can log off and have lunch on their own, or they can join us for a spooky (child friendly) short movie. After lunch at 11:45, will we be engaging in some game/social time playing BINGO and other fun games. We will end the day with a costume contest, Karaoke, and Dance contest from 12:15-1:00. We invite parents/families to join us at this time for some fun! After 1pm, ALL students must change into their NBCS uniforms, will have their normally scheduled rehearsal time, and will remain in school until 2:30.

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