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NBCS Summer Learning! Remotely!!!

In a recent article, “Brotherhood While Remote” (, experiences at Newark Boys Chorus School were highlighted as the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 were explored. Students’ lives were turned upside down as the pandemic caused schools to move to remote learning and teaching. This had a particularly difficult consequence for our students as ‘Brotherhood’ and togetherness have been core principles to our mission and daily living at NBCS.

In response to the new reality, our teachers created a series of learning-together activities to end the school year with great success. Boys were able to finish up assignments, ‘play’ together through planned online activities, and reconnect as brothers. Graduation included both virtual and in-person activities (see our latest video), and once again allowed NBCS students the opportunity to connect.

Photo by Ruby Fludzinski

The NBCS Summer Packet, given to students as a means toward maintaining academic progress, typically includes worksheets and reading lists for students by grade-level. This year, however the ‘Packet’ has been given an exciting bump toward new online resources and activities for students as an extension of the enormously powerful experiences of the past few months.

NBCS teachers have developed a menu of deep learning experiences available to students as well as tutoring and mentoring options for the first six weeks of summer.

The intention is clear; keep students engaged and they will return in September ready for action!

Resources for summer learning include: academic assignments, art making, cooking, karate, physical education, and music. Look for updates on our website as the summer moves along.

Thank you NBCS teachers!


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