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November 4, 2018. Before a revolving audience of several hundred PSEG employees, the Newark Boys Chorus and the New Jersey Symphony Chamber Players helped dedicate the recently renovated public lobby at the PSEG building in Newark. Richard Thigpen, Senior Vice President, PSEG thought, “what a fitting way to dedicate this wonderful facility with the two best known music groups in Newark and New Jersey. It’s a pleasure for me to open the program and to listen to this terrific music.”

The NJS Symphony Chamber Players began the program with an Armed Forces Medley and then delighted the audience with Broadway selections from the Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story and the Phantom of the Opera. The Newark Boys Chorus, composed of third through eighth graders, shared some of its repertoire including Duke Ellington’s “Lucky So & So,” the musical nursery rhyme, “This Old Man” and the classic South African folk song and the Chorus’ signature piece, “Remember Me Wherever You Go.”

The combined musicians under the direction of Donald Morris, Music Director at NBCS, concluded the program with beautiful renditions of “Laudamus te” and “I believe.” “The program was great and we hope to share these treasures with the city again in the near future,” concluded Maria Spina. Foundation Program Officer at PSEG.

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