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January 28, 2019.


When your 9 year old child comes home from school

concerned about the “status” of her classmates,

what do you say?


Ask your friends to answer the question:

“In this divisive world,

what shall we tell our children?”

Noted authors Wade and Cheryl Hudson asked their friends who were artists, song writers, illustrators, essayists, and photographers to respond. And they did. The result is a terrific new children’s book, We Rise, We Resist, We Raise our Voices. Earlier today the Hudsons visited NBCS and shared their own life experiences and stories about the book with our students.

“It was truly an honor to not only meet Wade and Cheryl Hudson, but to hear them both speak so passionately and eloquently about their lives and the experiences which led to the publication of “We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices.” Their presentation pulled my students into the world of the book they’d been reading, bringing the words to life. It’s something that I know they’re going to carry with them, and it will inspire them for so many years to come.,” commented Tracie Gerardi, ELA Teacher.

“It was so cool to meet someone in person after reading a poem they wrote, to find out why they wrote it. It was awesome!” Byron Hernandez, Grade 3

“They had so much to teach us that wasn’t in the book, and I’m grateful they got to do it by coming to our school.” Edward Young, Grade 4

“The stories behind the poems and essays in the book are powerful, and today I got to hear some more, from the people who lived the stories. It put a lot of things into perspective for me, and they signed my book which is so cool!” Zion Mack, Grade 6

“It was truly a remarkable experience for us to spend time at the Newark Boys Chorus School, hear the students sing our songs and for us to interact with them in meaningful ways,” concluded Cheryl Wade.

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