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Schools That Can


September 28, 2018. Each year Schools that Can hosts its Design Day Challenge, which invites middle school students, educators and community volunteers together for a day of collaborative learning. A representative from the City of Newark pitches a real-life issue facing the city and challenges the newly mixed and matched groups to design a solution that merges elements of science with the creativity of the arts. This year’s challenge, held at the Newark Museum;

The redesign of Washington Park.

Students are given a blank model of the triangular park, a wide range of tools, and the freedom to redesign the model in any way they see fit. Groups are judged on the physical design (what elements are present? Does it include the arts? Technology? History? Does it have attractions for young people?) and presentation.

Ulysses Morris. NBCS Academic Director reported, "the boys had a wonderful time at the Schools That Can's design day challenge. Elijah Johnson's team won for best presentation. James Felton's team won for best design and Greg Valentin's team won best overall. It's such a delight to see these young men in a different environment interacting with other students and adults. Their manners, character, and knowledge that they continue to exhibit makes me very proud."


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