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The Newark Boys Chorus School has partnered with BlackFem At School to provide everyone at the school, students, teachers and parents with a year-long financial literacy program. Each month teachers from BlackFem will spend a full day at the school instructing everyone in aspects of finance. Through pre-sessions with our teachers the curriculum will be tailored to be fully integrated with each of our classes. By the end of the school year our teachers will be trained as wealth educators, our students will have learned the basics of personal finance and our parents will be able to reinforce these concepts at home.

Through the BlackFem Kids' Credit Bureau program each student will receive a credit score based on homework completion, attendance, proper dress and tardiness. These scores will be posted on SchoolSpeak and will be updated on a regular basis. Students can also earn NBCS-Dollars which can be redeemed at our school store for supplies such as pens and notebooks.

Our goal is for financial literacy to becomes a core subject teaching students not only about personal finance but also developing attitudes that can lead to the accumulation of wealth as adults.

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An anonymous sponsor has graciously provided the funds to support this program at our school. The photographs below highlight the first session with BlackFem: the differences between being “rich” and having “wealth.”


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